About Simco

About Us

Our Mission

We want to look back on the countless years we’ve been in business and know that everything we have done has contributed positively to the well being of everyone we come in contact with, regardless of the capacity we work with them.

Our History

After being raised in a family where his dad was a civil engineer, contracting and excavation felt like the most natural line of work for Jason Simmons to join the team at the age of 18. After years of working in all aspects of the construction industry, Jason realized he was uniquely positioned to combine the skills he had learned with the quoting science he had created, into a company that could create the ultimate contracting experience. In November 2016, Simco Development Group was created and has since expanded and brought on additional team members and leadership, culminating in more than 50 years of combined experience in the core development team alone.

The First Dollar

Jason’s first job under Simco Development Group was for the Lacaria’s. Within a day of starting the company, he called Jeremy Lacaria and asked if he could start his project right away! He rented the equipment needed and built a pad for their shop. Once the project was complete, Leslie presented Jason with his first dollar, that hangs in the office today.